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A car accident in Lynnwood WA can cause shoulder, arm or hand pain….

December 18, 2013

Nearly any injury or “trauma” can cause spinal or extremity bones to misalign, especially when you are in a car accident in Lynnwood, WA.  Your brain communicates with the rest of your body through a vast communication system made up of nerves called the nervous system.  The brachial plexus is a bunch of nerves that come out of the middle and lower neck and upper back which supply different areas like the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers.

After a whiplash type injury, where the head and neck are suddenly snapped forward and back, there can be irritation to the nerves that make up the brachial plexus, partly due to the bones of the neck and upper back being misaligned.  The result can be pain in the shoulder, arm or hand.

The Doctors at Back To Action are specially trained to locate and correct the nerve-damaging structural condition known as subluxation.  The chiropractic “adjustment” will release structural and nerve pressure and restore the healthy flow of nerve impulse.

Auto Accident and Headaches Lynnwood WA

November 13, 2013

Have you experienced a headache following a motor vehicle accident in Lynnwood WA?  Scientists have identified over 300 causes for headaches and the head/neck trauma or whiplash associated with a car accident, can irritate or injure various pain-sensitive structures and tissues in the neck.
The chiropractors at Back To Action are trained and experienced to help manage and treat headaches following a motor vehicle accident in Lynnwood WA.
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