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Why are you “last on the list” when it comes to making time for health and fitness?

November 10, 2008

When it comes to taking care of yourself chances are you’re last on the list…after spouses, children, parents, jobs and even pets. In today’s time-pressed work-a-day world patients often come to our office, Back To Action,  with aches and pains that manifest their stress. Smart patients know the value of investing in themselves and by that we mean a WELLNESS APPROACH to care:
–    Fitness
–    Diet and nutrition
–    Chiropractic Maintenance
–    Perhaps massage or other alternative therapies and treatments, as applicable.

Frankly, over the years the definition of health care has changed to include chiropractic and massage therapies. The whole concept of fitness has evolved to include more than exercise and embrace alternative therapies
How important is nutrition? Two-thirds of the causes of death in America can be directly linked to a failure of diet. This is why we encourage patients to combine chiropractic care with a good nutrition program, to attain maximum health.
An estimated 80% of chiropractic patients are clinically obsess and could immediately benefits from a weight loss program. Studies indicate that most weight loss programs begun without doctor supervision will fail.  Studies also show that weight loss programs that involve a primary doctor have a much higher success rate. Isn’t it time to make 2008 the year you and your family place a primary emphasis on health? Without good health, no amount of time or money in the world matters. Right?
Now is the perfect time to begin!

If you’d like to learn more about  proper nutrition, please call us at (425) 670-2600!

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Dr. Jerry Dreessen and Dr. Jason Gilmore