How can I fit walking fitness into a busy schedule

December 13, 2014

How can I fit walking fitness into a busy schedule

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When you have a busy schedule, sometimes it is hard to do much of anything once you finish your day. You have to make time for your self and I understand that some times it can be hard to do. However, if you work at it, it can be done. You have different ways to consider when walking to fitness; this is something that you have to figure out, since you want to work toward what works best for you.

How can I fit walking fitness in to my schedule?
You can start walking fitness in many ways, working it in to your schedule. For example walk to the store instead of driving; when you are at work you can park in the distant parking spot so you have to walk to the door, this is a way to get started. While you are at work, take your lunch and walk around the shop or walk inside for about ten minutes. There are many ways to get started walking. If you are going to take the children to the park then why not walk it a great distance to spend time with the family and get your exercise in as well. Walk to the newsstand and donít use transportation.
Walking does a person good if you do it like you are supposed to do. This means working out on a regular basis. Take some time for your self and do what is right for your health. You are thinking you donít have time to walk to fitness. You are too busy. This is why most people are overweight. They donít want to do anything about it, which gradually their health begins to deteriorate. Degenerative diseases, aging syndromes and other conditions may start. Walking can help you in many ways. Walking will help you to get your self-esteem to where it is suppose to be, it will also help tone your muscles. Walking will help you to lose weight or to keep your weight on a steady level. Walking fitness can give you energy to help you though the day. Walking will help to keep the blood flowing through your veins so that your heart gets the right amount of blood it needs to survive healthy. You reduce the risks of heart disease. If you get the right amount of blood to the brain, it could help you avoid strokes. Recently, studies found that people who walk were able to reduce their risks of disease over more than 50%.

What kind of support is there?
You have much support today. You have to find it. You have family, friends or groups you can consider. You also have products that are supportive, such as comfortable, fitting shoes. The shoes will provide you support as you walk to fitness. Proper clothing will offer you support also. Wear loose, fitting attire when walking to fitness.

What should you know about walking?
Walking is very healthy especially when you walk a good 15 to 20 minutes a day. A walk could do many things that will soon stand out, especially if you walk the distance without overexerting the muscles and joints. Walking can increase the heart rate and get your adrenaline flowing. At a steady pace and not extreme because dangerous acts are useless especially when your working on a health issue, so take it slow. Body parts when stronger will make a total difference, donít expect nothing right away just know that you are working for great results and making dreams come true. You can walk to the body of your dreams.

Exercise And Sleeping Better

December 9, 2014

Exercise And Sleeping Better

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The amount of physical exercise that you exert during
the day is one of the key ingredients to helping you
get a good sleep at night.  The more active your
body is during the day, the more likely you are to
relax at night and fall asleep faster.

With regular exercise you’ll notice that your quality
of sleep is improved and the transition between the
cycles and phases of sleep will become smoother and
more regular.  By keeping up your physical activity
during the day, you may find it easier to deal with
the stress and worries of your life.

Research and studies indicate that there is a direct
correlation between how much we exercise and how
we feel afterwards.

You should try and increase your physical activity
during the day.  The goal here is to give your body
enough stimulation during the day so that you aren’t
full of energy at night.

Your body requires a certain amount of physical
activity in order to keep functioning in a healthy
manner.  It is also important to note that you should
not be exercising three or four hours before you go
to bed.

The ideal exercise time is in the late afternoon or
early evening.  You want to make sure you expend
your physical energy long before it is time for
your body to rest and ready itself for sleep.

You should attempt to exercise at least three or
four times a week for a period of 30 minutes or so.
You can include walking or something simple.  If
you prefer, you can include strenuous activities
such as running as well.

The goal here is to increase your heart rate and
strengthen the capacity of your lungs.  By adding
a regular exercise activity to your daily schedule
will help you to improve your overall health and
help you emotionally as well.

Along with running and walking there are several
other physical activities that you can add to your
daily life to increase your level of physical
activity.  If you are battling not sleeping, you’ll
find aerobic exercise to be the best.

Your goal with exercise is to increase the amount
of oxygen that reaches your blood stream.  Overall,
there are many types of aerobic exercise for you
to choose from.  The activities include running,
biking, using a treadmill, dancing, and jumping

There are some non aerobic exercises that you may
find beneficial to help you solve your amnesia

Yoga is an exercise that has a stimulatory effect
on your nervous system, especially the brain.  Yoga
utilizes breathing techniques and yoga postures to
increase the blood circulation to the brain, promoting
regular and restful sleeping patterns.  The regular
practice of yoga will help you to relax as well
as relieve tension and stress.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is an ancient art of breathing and movement
that was developed by the Chinese monks.  The
movements involved are slow and precise, which is
ideal if you have joint pains or you are unable
to participate in high aerobic exercises.  Research
has shown that Tai Chi can help with insomnia by
promoting relaxation.

If you discover that you don’t have any time to
exercise on a regular basis, you should try to
sneak moments of activity into your schedule.
Whenever possible, you should take the stairs instead
of the elevator, as little things like that will
do wonders for your body.

You should also park your car around the corner and
walk that extra block or two to get to your
destination.  As you may know, there are many small
things you can add to increase the activity in
your life.  Your overall goal here is to have a
healthy and well balanced life – with plenty of

Exercise At Home Or Gym

December 2, 2014

Exercise At Home Or Gym

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Making the decision of where you will go to exercise
is a very important step in reaching your goals of
fitness.  A lot of factors will go into this
decision, and each one should be evaluated well
before you start exercising.  Once you have made
a decision on where you will go to exercise, you
can move on to deciding how you plan to work out.

As you probably know, exercising at home has many
advantages.  The finance department is one of the
best advantages.  With the gas prices being what
they are today, it is quite obvious that you’ll
save money on fuel as well as wear and tear on
your vehicle by choosing to exercise at home.

Memberships to a gym can often be quite expensive
and may include other things that you don’t need
such as child care or swimming pools.  You also
won’t need to be concerned about the latest
trends of exercise gear as you most likely will
be exercising by yourself at home.

Keep in mind that working out at home does
require a bit of financial obligation.  Even
though you may plan to run, it is very important
that you have high quality running shoes.  This
statment applies to any type of equipment that
you may purchase to use at home.  If you go
out and buy cheap equipment, you’ll probably
end up getting hurt or getting frustrated because
you aren’t making any progress.

Along with the financial gains, exercising at
home may also help those who don’t like to work
out in public.  If you are worried about how you
look in gym clothes, it is very comforting to
know that the only person who has to be with you
when you exercise at home is you.  Also, when
you exercise at home, you don’t need to worry
about time at all.

Those of you who are motivated by being with
people you know or come to know while working
out away from home, a gym may be a better idea
than working out at home.  At the gym, you’ll
also more of a selection of equipment as well,
far more than you’ll have at home.

If you need other services than just weights and
equipment, the gym may have just what you need.
If you plan to swim a triathlon, you’ll find the
swimming pool at the gym to be just what you need
to prepare yourself.  Swimming is also a great
exercise for your body and cardio, as it will work
muscles in your body that you probably didn’t
even know you had.

Gyms will also offer you classes that you may find
very motivating.  If you attend class on a regular
basis, you may be motivated enough to continue
so you don’t have to defend yourself when asked
where you’ve been or what you have been doing.
You can also meet new people in class, or just
help others along if you choose.

All in all, making the choice of exercising at
home or at the gym is a choice you should make
based on your goals and personal preference.  The
most important decision you’ll need to make is
to determine what type of environment you want
to be in and how you want to accomplish the
fitness goals in your life.

Once you have given it some thought and weighed
out the pros and cons, you’ll have no problem
making the choice.  Always keep in mind that
once you’ve made your choice, you can always switch
if you aren’t happy with the choice you made.

7 Diet Secrets of the Stars

November 26, 2014

7 Diet Secrets of the Stars

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Celebrities always look fabulous. Whether appearing in television or films or strutting down the red carpet during movie premiers and awards, they never cease to fascinate us with their larger than life presence. The truth is, it takes a lot of effort to look the way they do, and being the public figures that they are, they cannot afford to slack off when it comes to taking care of their physical appearances. Their livelihood largely depends on how they look. Aside from the clothes, the hair and the makeup, celebrities have to take good care of their bodies.

So it is no surprise that these stars have their own secrets when it comes to staying fit and gorgeous. Their health agenda can range from extreme workouts to well-planned meals. Who doesn’t want to know their secrets in staying absolutely sexy? Here are some of the diet secrets of seven women celebrities.

1. Jennifer Aniston
The star of the phenomenal television show Friends not only mesmerized audiences with her adorable comic sense and her famous hairstyle, she was also known for having one of the sexiest bodies in Hollywood, as she appeared in countless magazine covers. To stay trim, Jennifer follows the 40:30:30 diet method. The diet consists of:

40% Low glycemic carbohydrates
-Foods such as beans, fruits and vegetables, legumes

30% lean proteins
-Tofu, fish, chicken, turkey, beef and low fat dairy products

30% essential fats
-nuts and seeds, fish and olive oils

It is essential that every meal should contain macronutrients to attain the balance of hormones and maximum weight loss.

2. Kate Hudson
The gorgeous daughter of actress Goldie Hawn gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy, which she needed to shed quickly before commencing on her next film. From her previous eating plan, she switched to a higher protein diet. She consumed high protein meals in smaller portions, and she combined this diet with an exercise program that includes weight training and cardiovascular workouts. After getting a lot of flak because of her post-pregnancy figure, Kate removed all that baby weight in only four months and has gained abdominal muscles that gained the envy of many in Hollywood.

3. Oprah Winfrey
As one of the most successful talk-show hosts in the world, there is no question that Oprah needs to maintain her physical appearance for her millions of audiences. Known as one of those celebrities who are constantly battling weight gain, she has recently toned up her figure and has never looked figure in age 50 by combining a regular exercise regime and diet plan. Oprah works out five days a week, spending 30 minutes on the threadmill and doing free weights. Her eating plan consists of legumes, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables, chicken and dairy products that are lowfat. She limits her consumption of white sugar and flour. Oprah also credits her trim figure to her habit of not eating anything after seven in the evening.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow
A lot of people may find it hard to believe that the perpetually slim Academy award-winning actress actually needs to diet. Gwyneth actually follows a healthy eating plan that resembles Oprah’s, avoiding sugar and white flour. She usually follows a macrobiotic diet, eating foods like vegetables, brown rice, and lean meat. She also eliminated dairy from her diet, and does yoga everyday.

5. Madonna
The pop star known as the Material Girl has always flaunted a body that is to die for, and has become a true fitness paragon over the years. She keeps herself in tip-top shape by having Ashtanga Yoga, and follows a strict diet that mostly shuns junk foods. She adopted a macrobiotic eating plan that includes organic foods rich in lean protein.

6. Claudia Schiffer
The bodacious German supermodel eats salad and steamed vegetables for dinner and eats only fruits before the afternoon. While on locations, she prefers to eat black grapes and drinks tomato juice and herbal tea.

7. Christie Brinkley
Long-time supermodel maintains her all-American good looks by being a vegetarian. She does not keep junk foods of any kind inside her home to make sure that she does not eat them when cravings occur. She snacks on sweet potatoes in place of candy bars, and she adopts a liquid juice diet when she needs to slim down fast.

Celebrities are just like ordinary people. They need to maintain their figures just like anyone else, and there is more pressure on their part since they are constantly in the public eye. Ordinary folks can have celebrity-like bodies, too, and by following these diet and fitness plans, they can also look like red-carpet worthy.

Exercise And Stress

November 26, 2014

Exercise And Stress

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Even though exercise may not be the most exciting
word in your vocabulary, it sure is a word with a
lot of benefits.  Participating in daily exercise
will not only make you healthier in general, but
it can also diminish the effects of stress on your
body as well.

Think about all the times you have heard someone
say “the doctor says it’s stress related”.  Normally
people will laugh it off, concluding that doctors
say that when they don’t know the real answers or
diagnosis.  The truth of the matter is that too
much stress will play a role in many diseases.

To help increase your immune system and decrease
your stress level as well, try exercise, as movement
is the key word here.  Bending, stretching, reaching
and walking.  There’s really no need to buy any
expensive equipment either, as you can implement
more movement into your daily routine and reap
the benefits.

If you like aerobic exercise, you should grab a
partner and have a blast with one of the basic
aerobic videos.  Or, you can simply go out for a
walk and enjoy spending time together.  As you
may have heard, walking really is the best overall
exercise you can do for your health.  As long as
you have a pair of walking shoes, you’ll be

As you go through your daily activities, make it
a point to walk a little farther, bend down and
pick something up without using a pick up stick
or moving the item towards you with your foot.
While you are sitting, you should also do some
simple and quick stretches for your neck and

If you enjoy sitting around watching television,
you should consider buying a jogging board.
These padded boards will make running, jumping,
or walking in place less stressful on your knees
and joints.  They are easy to store as well and
also very portable.

In many people’s opinions, jogging boards are
the best pieces of equipment you can buy.  They
are also far cheaper than bulky treadmills and
stationary bikes.

There are several different exercises that you
can do to help you eliminate the stress in
your life.  Walking is by far the best, as you
can easily lose yourself and your troubles by
walking.  Even if it is just around the block,
walking can do wonders for your health as well
as stress.

If you have a lot of stress in your life, you
may want to consider a gym.  Working out then
sitting in the sauna is also a good way to
relieve tension.  If your gym has a pool, you
may find swimming to be very beneficial as well,
as it helps you to relax.

Choosing The Right Exercise For You

November 19, 2014

Choosing The Right Exercise For You

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The type of exercise you do all depends on you and
what you like to do.  What you hate doing, paying
membership fees, and whether or not to buy equipment
are all things you need to consider as well as

If you choose something that you don’t like to do,
you aren’t going to keep doing it for a long period
of time.  Give it some thought – if you don’t like
jogging, you aren’t going to get up at 6 AM and go
running.  If you can’t find something you like to
do, choose something you hate the least, which will
normally be walking.

Walking is great exercise, as it suits all levels
of fitness.  Anyone can start a walking program at
any time, it’s normally the intensity and duration
that differs.  Walking is also a social exercise,
as it isn’t difficult to find a training partner
to chat with while you exercise.  Walking with a
partner will also make time go by faster.

No matter what exercise you choose, you should
start at a low level of intensity and build it up
over a period of weeks, which is essential to the
longevity of your exercise program.  If you start
off too hard, you could end up with an injury
which will require time off to get over.

If you are really in bad shape, you should start
off by walking for 10 minutes each day.  Then,
increase it by 5 minutes every 2 weeks.  To make
things more interesting, you should try walking
a different course every few days.  You can also
roster a different friend to walk with you each
day of the week.

If walking isn’t your thing, then you may want
to try a fitness center.  They have loads of
variety and normally have trainers on hand to
answer any questions you may have.  When you
choose a fitness center, make sure that they give
good service.

If they aren’t willing to treat you well before
you join, then they certainly won’t after you
join.  You should also make sure that the equipment
they use is well taken care of.  It’s easy to
find out, as all you have to do is listen to the
machines.  If they squeak a lot or make noise,
then chances are they aren’t being taken care of.

If you still aren’t sure what you should do, then
you should look into golf or tennis.  Both are
good social activities in most areas, and you can
even meet new friends.  Tennis is great for fitness
although it isn’t for someone who is just starting
out.  If you haven’t exercised in a long time,
then golf may be the best activity for you.

Fatigue and Walking Fitness

November 15, 2014

Fatigue and Walking Fitness

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More than 20% of the United States American Citizens suffer from sleep disorders. One of the leading causes is lack of exercise, poor habits and confused diets. For this reason walking fitness, programs are opening the doors encouraging our citizens to walk to fitness. Walking fitness reduces stress, which is one of the leading causes why people battle sleeping disorders.

Sleep disorders are responsible for increasing risks of heart attacks. The disorders are partially responsible also for strokes. Anxiety and stress disorders emerge from sleep disorders as well. When you do not have proper rest, it causes the mind to feel confused. Your observation, senses and so on are affected when you do not get proper rest. To minimize sleep problems or disorders you can workout. Include in your workout walking fitness.

As we grow older, our sleep patterns change as well as our health. You can do something now to slow this process. Walking fitness is a great way to keep aging progression low.

Women in America:
Women in America have a higher risk of insomnia then men. According to reports more than 65%, Americans have problems falling asleep each night. Of this count, more than 40% are women. On this note, women are prone to high blood pressure, obesity, sleep disorders and so on. Sleep disorders, strokes and heart disease are common as well.

Physiology conditions:
Sleep disorder affects the overall health. Walking fitness is a way that you can reduce the risks that sleep disorders puts on you. When you lose sleep, you often feel stressed. Stress is the cause behind lack of sleep that leads to major medical and mental illnesses. You can stop the pain, snoring, restless leg syndrome and more by walking to fitness today.

Sleep disorders can lead to depression as well. Depression is a body and mind killer. When you feel depressed the body and mind is deprived of activities, socializing, nutrition and so on. Avoid depriving your body and mind by avoiding depression. Walk to fitness.

When you start walking to fitness, you will feel a need to avoid the things that affect your health in a negative way. You may feel a need to avoid nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and so on. You will not feel a need to consume caffeine as much, since exercise and walking fitness boosts metabolism, which is your energy source.

Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine will affect your sleep. You may want to avoid these harmful chemicals and substances before bedtime. Once you start walking to fitness perhaps, you will feel a need to avoid harmful chemicals and substances.

Statistical Details in Walking Fitness:
More than half of the United States citizens do not exercise. Over one quarter of these, citizens are adults that do not workout. Around 20% are students in high school. These students stay active 20 minutes each day. Studies show that more men are active. In addition, as we age activities start to cease. According to reports, minorities do not exercise or stay active as much as other citizens in America. In the studies, it was found that those seeking higher degree or education, as well as those who make substantial income join in more activities than those who do not have the same lifestyle. Furthermore, people with weight problems do not exercise or join activities as much as those who are not overweight.

Due to these statistics, the soaring statistics on heart disease and other disease is increasing. Do something about it now. Instead of sitting on that couch watching television, get up and walk to fitness. Imaging how the statistic reading would read if only each of us walked to fitness each day. Can you say ZERO!

Benefits of resistance training

November 14, 2014

Benefits of resistance training

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Do you want to have a stronger and more beautiful body? Then the best thing to do is get on your feet and start doing the resistance training.

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training involves activities that use weights, machines and even body weight to work out the muscles properly. It is also known as strength training or weight training. This can be very helpful in achieving a healthier body.

This kind of training is usually associated with athletes who have to build up their bodies. Most people would think that when resistance training is done, the body will grow bigger. Actually it will not. Resistance training is simply about increasing the strength of the body, not its size.

Actually, this can be practiced by anyone. It basically builds and tones the muscle to give the body a better look. This training program is even very much advisable to the elders. The usual training programs undergone by the elders are standing free-weights resistance or the moderate-intensity seated machine training.

How Does Resistance Training Work?

A resistance training program will include the use of various exercise equipment and machines like the bench press, dumbbell or barbell. When the equipment is used, the muscles of the body will be pitted against the weight. The cells of the body will then adapt to the extra weight. This will then result to hypertrophy or the enlarging and increasing of the nerve cells to help in the muscle contraction.

Before doing any resistance training, it will be best to consult first with the doctor. This goes especially for people who have medical conditions or are overweight. This kind of training is not something that you can explore on your own. You have to know the proper equipment for the needs of your body. The body must also be conditioned first before taking in the weights.

Resistance training can also be done without resorting to the equipment. Doing push-ups is one good example. You can do it just about anywhere where there is enough space for you to move. This time it is your own body weight that will be pitted against the muscles. So those who are a bit constrained in the budget can still do resistance trainings.

What Are the Benefits of Resistance Training?

1. Increase Bone Mineral Density
Bones are constantly remodeling, meaning the tissues break down at the same time they build up. The peak of remodeling takes place during puberty. However, as a person ages, there may be problems with the bone mineral density as the remodeling may not be as active anymore. This is especially a problem to post-menopausal women.

Bone mineral density is usually supported by the hormones. To address the problem of not having the hormones to maintain the bone mineral density, physical activity is the next best option. Resistance training is one physical activity that can address this.

2. Increase Strength
Strong bones and strong muscles will be developed as you undergo the resistance training program.

3. Increase the Range of Activities
When your body is strong enough to carry some considerable weight, then definitely you will also be capable of doing more strenuous activities. You are less likely to be lazy and you can live a more active lifestyle.

4. Reduce the Body Fat
Pitting the weights on your muscle will definitely give it the body the exercise it needs and get rid of the undesirable fats. Thus expect the tone of the body to improve. Even more, expect the body to look better, to be leaner.

5. Improve State of the Elders
For the elderly, undergoing a resistance training program will help improve their health and decrease the risks brought about by the age. They can be more independent, without needing to rely on other people for doing simple things. Being able to do so will also decrease the risk of injuries in the elders

6. Improve Heart Condition
Regularly doing resistance training can result to a lowered heart rate and lowered blood pressure, especially after exercise. The risk of heart diseases is reduced to a considerable extent.

This kind of training however must be properly done. It requires commitment and consistency. It will have to be done in a regular basis, following a schedule that the doctor or the physical trainer would recommend. If done incorrectly, the benefits of the program may not be enjoyed and it can even result the injury.

The key here is to simply take your time. Do things one step at a time correctly. As your body condition improves, then move on to more challenging tasks. The strength of the body and its overall look are at stake in the resistance training. So you better be sure to do it properly.

Walking Fitness and why it helps you

November 8, 2014

Walking Fitness and why it helps you

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At one time in our life, we all have said we are going on a diet. We have good intents sometimes, but we have an inner source that holds us back. We often make excuses to avoid walking to fitness.

The weather outside is one of the excuses we may use to avoid improving our health. The weather should never stop us however, since we have many alternatives when it comes to walking fitness.

We may say, ìIíve had a bad day at work,î so we do not do what we are supposed to do. Then we just stop all together. Whatís the purpose?

Some of us say, ìI donít have the energy.î This is an excuse, which keeps your energy down. When you walk or exercise it boosts energy and even if you feel fatigue before you walk, you will feel energized when you done if you walk.

We are all guilty of it. Especially around the holidays, we may say, after Christmas I plan to make my New Years Resolution to take action, but it does not happen. We start out with those good intentions, yet the intentions we have fall into the dark chambers of our mind. We need to take steps on how to make it happen as well as doing what is right for your health.

How walking helps you:
Walking is very good for you and your health. If you plan to walk each day, you cut back your chances of disease. Walking will help you to breath easier; help keep you from having strokes as well as heart attacks. In addition, walking helps to tone those muscles, strengthening them so that the joints are flexible, which cuts back the risks of arthritic conditions?

Walking is one of the best ways to exercise. Studies show that walking is better than running, jogging and so on.

How do I start to walk?
At first, you do not want to walk fast. Walking fast may cause pain. Starting out, you want to walk slowly to reduce risks of pulling muscles. Strained muscles and joints cause aches and pain. If you hurt yourself by walking fast at first it could discourage you from wanting to walk again. You lose interest.

Beginners should take time to build up walking skills. The excuses should be checked so that you can maintain a schedule. Start slow and work up to walking several times each week. Start walking 3 or four days each week and gradually work up to five or six.

Here are some things that you might want to know when walking?
Safety is the first thing you want to consider when walking to fitness. You should take the time to learn what you should wear, especially when walking at night. Avoid wearing dark clothing while walking at night. Wear clothing reflectors to help oncoming traffic avoid hitting you. Wear proper shoes that support your feet and provide you comfort while walking to fitness. If you walk at night, try to avoid walking alone. Take a friend, family member of your pet.

If you donít want to walk at night or if you live in the wrong part of town you can always get a treadmill. This will help keep you safe as well as make it comfortable for you for this reason you can walk in the comforts of your home and do what you want, like watch TV. In addition, a treadmill will help you to keep track of your heart rate, pulse, how many calories you burn, as well as your distance you walk.

Benefits of Stretching

November 7, 2014

Benefits of Stretching
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The body is flexible. It is supposed to be flexible. You must be able to bend and reach that something you dropped on the floor. You must be able to zip the back of your favorite dress on your own. You must be able to reach that book you need to read at the top shelf.

These are simple activities. Nothing grand about them, you merely stretched out a bit. However, if there are difficulties in doing such simple motions, then you have to stretch your limits. You already need a stretching program.

What Is Stretching?

Stretching is simply the act of extending to full length the body or simply a part of it. This activity involves straightening or stretching the structure or the limbs.

How Does One Do the Stretching?

Stretching is fairly easy. As mentioned in the introduction, it is involved in the normal activities. It can be done by any people, regardless of age.

However the extent of stretching and flexing differs. The muscles tighten as a person ages. The range of joint movements can be minimized. This can very well obstruct an on-the-go lifestyle. That is why as the person grows older, bending or flexing becomes more limited. This is why stretching regularly, as part of a routine is very important.

Simple stretches can be done everyday. It can be incorporated in the lifestyle and the daily activities. It does not require much of your time.

Stretching exercises can also be done while training. Actually, stretching is an essential part of any training or sport. It must be done first before anything else. Stretching the body and the limbs is a good preparation for a more rigorous activity.

Most athletes would do the sit and reach, wherein they position on the floor, extend their legs and reach the tip of their foot with the tip of their hand. Actually, most trainers actually require their athletes to really do the stretching before playing.

There is actually an ideal length of time in stretching. It is best to do it in 10 minutes. This will give the body enough opportunity to move and flex the muscles, thus preparing it for more complicated and strenuous movements.

Experts however would frown upon going way beyond 10 minutes. Stretching the exercise to 30 minutes or more will already wear out the body. This will not be favorable if one is preparing for a game.

What Are the Benefits of Stretching?

1. Increase the Range of Movement
As one constantly do the stretching exercises, the length of the muscles and the tendons are also increased. This will help in increasing the range of your movement. Thus, the limbs and joints will be able to move, way before an injury can take place. You are definitely physically fit.

2. Increased Ability to Perform Skills
When you have a wide range of movement, the more you will be able to do more things. For example, you can jump high without feeling any pain when you land back on the floor. This will also help you start a new sport or improve more if you are in one. Stretching in this aspect also allows you to have a more active lifestyle.

3. Injury Prevention
One can prevent injury to joints, tendons and muscles with stretching. When the muscles and tendons are well-flexed, they are considered in good working order. This will help in a faster recovery and decreased soreness. The muscles of the body will be able to take more exhausting and rigorous movements with less probability of being injured.

4. Reduce Muscle Tension
If the muscles are given their regular exercises and stretching, it is less likely that they will contract. This will definitely relieve you of any muscle pain or problems.

5. Enhance Energy
Being able to move more will also give you more energy. Stretching will also help enhance your awareness, like knowing that you have a body that is capable of doing many things. As such, you are going to be more driven to move rather than sulk in the corner.

6. Reduces Cholesterol
Research also shows that doing prolonged stretching exercises, like yoga, will help reduce the cholesterol in the body. This of course must be done with a healthy diet at hand. This could prevent and even reverse the hardening of the arteries, allowing you to avoid coronary diseases.

Incorporate stretching in your everyday lifestyle. It has benefits you can not say no to. It also does not require much. It can be your usual activities, bending and flexing every now and then. After all, your fitness is everything so do what it takes to keep the body healthy.