Lose Weight in Fitness Walking

Lose Weight in Fitness Walking

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Feel down in the dumps lately; no energy, your self-esteem is dropping and your cloths not fitting like they use to? Weight loss can help you get rid of all of these problems. Walking fitness will make you much healthier and happier.

Walking fitness can help you lose weight sometimes without changing your diet.  Maintain a good diet and watching the calorie intake is a good start but walking will give you more boost and youíll see a difference soon after starting your new program.

When losing weight through activities like walking you need to make it a habit on a daily basis, 365 days a year. Change your attitude. Put walking into your daily plans as the same as going to bed at night.

Losing weight and walking will boost your metabolism and change you to having a positive lifestyle. Think positive and donít expect changes over night. Your weight gain didnít happen over night and it isnít going to go away overnight. You want to lose the weight slowly. Donít stop your walking fitness program. Look back as you loss weight to see the difference in your health.

Make yourself a walking journal on a daily basis. Write down your plans and goals first.  Do your plan on a slow basis, not all at one time. You donít want to go too fast and jump into it, making you sore and stiff from using muscles that you havenít used in a long time.

Once youíve set a plan and the goals your wanting to reach, go for it. Start walking. It is not how far and fast you walk at first, it is how long you walk at a steady pace. In addition, remember do it everyday no matter what the weather is like; inside or out, just walk.

How to write your plans:
When writing down your plans and have started walking everyday for a while add a 4 minutes stretch time to the end of your walking time. As you start to walk for a longer time, your muscles and joints will start to get stronger and they need a cool down time to keep the range in motion in your arms and legs especially.

As you continue to walk longer periods of time and have been doing your stretches afterwards, add a 2 minute time for warm ups. Move your ankles around and do some bending to warm up the muscles and joints in your legs. Move your arms around too letting them warm up as well. This gets your blood flowing and it will make your muscles less apt to injury yourself while walking further and further.

Set your goal to keep increasing your walk time up to 60 twice a week to build up strength and weight loss. Keep walking some everyday though the more walking you do the more calories burned.

Your goal for walking is to not hurt but to feel good and healthier.
Plan some hiking trips to add to your walking to fitness program.  Once youíve built yourself up to, the two 60 walking days you need to do more yet to get rid of more calories.  On your hiking trips go different places and make them fun and a challenge along the way.  Find some hills to explore along your trip.  Try taking making your hiking trip to last Ω day at least.  Take along a group of people and have a picnic while you having fun.

Make your walking program fun and enjoyable as often as you can, so that you want to continue your journey to fitness.

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