Bone Density Screening $15 – 2/14-2/18

Back To Action Chiropractic is proud to offer a clinic special of bone density assessment for only $15!  We use the GE Achilles Express which produces a report that is a comparison of a patient’s bone quality, regardless of age, to that of an average healthy young adult (20 to 45 years old) of the same sex.

In the United States 27 million Americans have low bone density and 1.5 million people experience osteoporotic fractures.

Clinical features of Osteoporosis include:  No early warning, gradual height loss, dorsal kyphosis with a dowager’s hump, back pain, pulmonary dysfunction and low bone density.

Population at risk for Osteoporosis include:

–  Small thin frame

– Female

– Asian and Caucasian ancestry

– Early Menopause

– Family history of osteoporosis

– Excessive alcohol and/or caffeine intake, smoking

– Sedentary lifestyle

One of the steps of prevention of osteoporosis is periodic screening, like the one taking place at Back To Action Chiropractic.

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