Low Back Pain, Arthritis and Chiropractic…

Our friends at the US Chiropractic Directory have come out with a great research article noting how low back pain and arthritis have a direct link.


In 2010, it was reported that 31 million Americans experience low back pain.  More than 20 million Americans experience arthritis or degenerative joint disease, which has been shown to have a direct correlation called the subluxation degeneration.

For example, when a vertebral subluxation takes place (is stuck or out of position) there is a negative neurological effect.  The body automatically tries to stabilize the spine and mobilizes calcium to use as cement or glue to prevent further malpositions.

One Response to “Low Back Pain, Arthritis and Chiropractic…”

  1. MS Says:

    Arthritis is a common problem that can be healed naturally with chiropractic treatments. This article provides great information. Thanks for posting!

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