Why Don’t My Chiropractic Adjustments Hold Like They Used To?

As chiropractors, on a daily basis, we try and perform the finest adjustments possible to help our patients.  Over the years, however, the adjustments don’t seem to “hold” as well as they used to.  The main culprit has been found to be the patient’s lifestyle and diet where there are blood sugar handling problems.

A link to the article will be included in this post, but to simplify things, a few bullet points will be discussed here.

Normal blood sugar is controlled by the two hormones insulin and glucagon.  Insulin is the escort service of blood sugar throughout the body.  Glucagon is released as the blood sugar levels fall.  Glucagon releases blood sugar from the liver and and muscle cells to keep blood sugar stable.  When more food is digested and blood sugar is absorbed from the gut, insulin production is stimulated again and glucagon is suppressed.

The normal blood sugar cycle continues to degenerate over time due to many different lifestyle and nutritional factors in today’s society.    Eating processed and refined foods can break down the blood sugar handling mechanism.  Lack of exercise helps regulate insulin levels.  Chronic stress and sex hormone imbalances can cause problems with blood sugar handling as well.

So, the take home is try and eat more whole foods and a balanced diet.  Exercise more regularly.  Thirty minutes of exercise three days per week has been proven to resensitize insulin receptors to burn more calories.  Find more effective ways to manage life’s stress.


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