Healthy eating during the Holidays

Question: Is it really possible to eat something healthy that actually tastes good too?

Let’s face it. Eating right is hard. Temptations are everywhere and what do many less-than-nutritious treats promise? Flavor and lots of it. Ask any experienced dieter and they’ll tell you that as strong as the craving for food is the craving for flavor is as great. The good news is that our natural craving for flavor need not be unhealthy to satisfy. Let me explain…

  • Scenario No. 1. You and your family have resolved to eat better and your brood is staring down a plain green salad. Before someone reaches for the calorie and fat-laden blue cheese dressing stop! Try adding a few kalamata olives and a few jarred, roasted red peppers all dressed with an olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Scenario No. 2. Nobody likes super-good-for-you steamed veggies when faced with French fries as an alternative. Instead of steaming veggies, wash, slice and brush with a little olive oil. Season with ground pepper and grill.

If you are really feeling decadent and wanting to get your family to eat asparagus, try this simple but nutritious take on this familiar vegetable. I guarantee this recipe will put the phrase “eat your veggies” in a whole new light!


Take a bunch of fresh asparagus, trim or break off the ends and wash. Dry carefully. Mix half a cup of seasoned bread-crumbs with two or three tablespoons of grated cheese (I like Parmesan or Romano).

Layer asparagus in a glass dish coated with cooking spray. Sprinkle mixture of breadcrumbs and cheese on top and drizzle with a little olive oil. Bake in a hot oven till the breadcrumbs brown and the asparagus is soft. Yummy!!!

So we have a question for our dear readers: When’s the last time you’ve been in to re-energize your spine? If you haven’t visited a chiropractor for 90 days of more, now would be a great time to continue your great health progress. We don’t bite, I swear. Call us.(425) 670-2600 or schedule an appointment here. We’ll see you soon!

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