5 Life-Saving Grocery Store Remedies and How To Use Them

Home remedies, or natural medicines, have been used for treating illnesses since ancient times.  Natural medicines were the only types of medicines used by the civilizations of ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, China, and India.  In Colonial America, natural medicines were adopted as the major curative agents, largely due to influences from Native Americans.  For the majority of the settlers, food was medicine.

Home remedies were studied and known by Americans well into the early 20th century, but interest has declined steadily since.  With the advancement and modernization of civilization, people have forgotten how to take care of themselves.  Unfortunately, few if any Americans understand how to use natural medicines in the manner that their ancestors understood them.  It is important to realize that you don’t have to grow an herbal garden or forage in the woods for natural medicines:  they are as close to you as your local grocery store.

There are a number of health-enhancing foods which are found in the grocery store.  Most of these foods are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  Certain of these foods are superior to others in their medicinal strengths.  Imagine shopping the produce aisle to select a medicine.  Today’s shopper has been programmed to only choose the pharmacy section, with its synthetic potions, for medicines.  Yet, there are a number of foods which possess medicinal powers which far superior to non-prescription drugs.  What’s more, they are safer, easier to use, and they taste better.

Please view the slide show presentation here:  5 Life-Saving Grocery Store Remedies

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