Shocking flu facts…

It’s that time of the year again – Flu season. As we stuff our faces and enjoy the holiday parties, an estimated 15 million people will get the flu this month. Below are some intriguing Flu Facts that I bet you didn’t know until you read them here…

  • The annual flu season actually begins in October and continues until May. Every year, between 5 percent and 20 percent of the U.S. population gets the flu. That means as many as 60 million get sick from the flu every year. Seasonal flu results in more than 200,000 hospitalizations and about 36,000 deaths annually.
  • The media and some medical organizations recommend the flu vaccine for children under two years old and all adults over 50. However some health experts are screaming, “Don’t fall for it!” There are lingering questions about the effectiveness of the flu vaccination such as…

Those most at risk of flu complications probably share a higher risk of adverse reactions to the flu vaccine as well.

Flu vaccine is relatively ineffective in those patients most at risk of flu complications.

The vaccine has caused Guillan Barre Syndrome in recipients during several different flu seasons.

How can I fight the flu with nutritional supplements? The following supplements have the most research to back up their effectiveness in fighting the flu: Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium. The white blood cells are your immune system’s first line of defense against viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms. These three supplements can aid in white cell production and activation. Finally, I read that one expert believes that sugar suppresses the function of these cells by 50% for several hours. Carefully limiting your sugar intake during the holidays could be very beneficial. If you have any questions, just ask! And don’t forget the power of chiropractic so boost your immune system during flu season.

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