Staying Fit For Life, The Healthy Way

At Back To Action we believe there is great benefit in doing three things at once:

(1) Chiropractic spinal manipulations

(2) Combined with the commencement of a fitness / exercise program (even an easy one to begin with!)

(3) Combined with the introduction of good diet and/or nutritional supplements and vitamins that speed muscle recovery and aid in good health

Big Benefits!

When we can get patients to do all three simultaneously, they often report incredible health benefits. Things like: sleeping better… less stress and arguing with the spouse… more energy than they have had for years…. More clarity and focus in getting things done… the list goes on and on. It’s the ultimate expression of a fully aligned and vibrant body!

One way to stay fit for life is to consider the following: Once you start experiencing the benefits from making these three changes… don’t dump healthy food and fitness habits! It’s the classic mistake that separates successful “weight losers” from those chronic “weight re-gainers”. People think of dieting as a temporary plan from which they’ll recover and get back to “normal.” Instead, we suggest you focus on a new norm, one that includes the healthy eating choices, spinal adjustments and fitness habits you’ve incorporated. This is one of the secrets to staying healthy for life!

How do you add quality to your life in a very real way?

One excellent way is through nutrition, since 2/3rds of the leading causes of death are directly related to diet. Smart patients know the value of investing in themselves and by that I mean a WELLNESS APPROACH to care. Now is the perfect time to begin!

If you’d like to learn more about  proper nutrition, please call us at (425)670-2600!

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