Pain studies faked data….

Turns out that 21 studies and journal articles – supporting the use of Vioxx, Celebrex and other COX2 painkillers were based on faked data.  This was not just a case where results were skewed one way or the other.  There were literally no studies – Scott Reubin just made stuff up, published it and no one checked – for 12 years!!  This was the research that led surgeons to switch from old-fashioned NSAID’s (no money in it) and narcotics (really no money), to COX2 inhibitors (lots of money for Pfizer) for post operative pain management.

Looks as though the use of these drugs actually slowed recovery time for millions of patients (but resulted in billions of $ in sales).  Pfizer funded his speaking and research fees over the years, which, I guess could be a conflict.  On the other hand, Reubin “deeply regrets that all of this happened.”

Gives one even more confidence in Big Pharma.

For a natural alternative to pain relief, look to chiropractic and the doctors of Back To Action, for safe, effective relief of pain.

Dr. Jerry Dreessen and Dr. Jason Gilmore, DC – Back To Action Chiropractic

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