National School Breakfast Week – March 2-6, 2009

Kids are a lot like superheroes – both need a lot of strength to meet the challenges they face everyday.  A nutritious and healthy school breakfast gives the energy to overcome barriers and succeed academically each day.

During this year’s National School Breakfast Week, students nationwide are invided to join the School Breakfast Heroes – Mr. Breakfast, Crunch, Fruit Avenger, Yogurl, Susie Powers the Sandwich Sensei, and their trusty sidekick Eggbot – on a morning adventure as they join together to rescue hungry kids from the plauge of the Breakfast Skipper!  From March 2-6, 2009, school cafeterias nationwide will encourage students to power up with a healthy, nutritious school breakfast.

School breakfast provides the necessary energy to start a day of learning and achievement, providing 25 percent of the recommended daily allowance of protein, calcium, iron, vitamins A and C and calories and meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  Research has shown that children who eat breakfast at school:

1)  Score better in standardized tests

2)  Have fewer health issues

3)  Behave better in class

Furthermore, research indicates that kids who skip breakfast rarely make up for missed nutrients later in the day so skipping breakfast could also affect students’ performance in after-school activities.

Seeing a chiropractor can also improve your child’s health.

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