Back Pain: Second Most Reason People Visit a Doctor

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What is the Second Most Common Reason
People Visit a Physician?

Here’s the recent statistics: One third of American’s will suffer back pain this year. Back pain is now cited as the second most common reason people go to a Physician.  Want to know what else is interesting? The majority of back pain is diagnosed with the advice to start taking various pain killing medication.  This acts to disguise the pain temporarily which has the risk of causing further injury because it gives false confidence that you’re better… causing you to move and exert in certain ways that normally your body is telling you NOT to!

What the Research Tells Us

A study appeared recently in the journal Spine which took a look at different forms of treatment for back and neck pain. The national telephone survey of over 2,000 randomly selected Americans asked a series of questions on whether or not each respondent suffered from any forms of back or neck pain the previous year, and if so, what type of treatment he or she sought.

We were excited to see that chiropractic was the most-used complementary therapy in this study, with 20% of back or neck pain sufferers seeking chiropractic care. Overall, complementary medicine was used more than conventional medicine (54% vs. 37%, respectively). Perhaps more importantly, chiropractic was considered more helpful than conventional medicine. Over 60% of sufferers considered chiropractic “very helpful” for treating back and neck pain, compared to 27% for conventional providers.

629 Million Visits!

The authors of this study estimate that 628 million visits were made to complementary therapy providers in 1997, a number that increases every year. A multitude of studies have shown that chiropractic and other alternative therapies, such as massage, can be highly effective for musculoskeletal pain. Chiropractic care is safe & effective. A healthy spine allows you to be and do your best by protecting the vital nervous systems link between your brain and your body! If you’ve been experiencing pain for 48 hours or longer, I suggest calling us immediately at (425) 670-2600 or schedule an appointment here, so we can take a look at your changed condition.

Dr. Jerry Dreessen and Dr. Jason Gilmore

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  1. Rob Says:

    Great article about the safety and necessity of chiropractic care for low back problems.
    charlotte chiropractor kinesiology

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