Mattresses: How Important Is The Mattress You Use When It Comes To Back Problems?

I’m proud to say that because our patients at Back To Action get “educated” on how to keep back pain at bay, that many of them lift carefully… they exercise… and most visit either Dr. Dreessen or Dr. Gilmore regularly. Yet for some they discover that their mattress is a frequent culprit in triggering back pain. You might be thinking, “what next doc??!”

Why Your Mattress Can Have a Negative Impact on Back Health:

No, I do not own stock in a mattress company! But I’ve seen how a 20-year old mattress can wreak havoc on a person’s back. If you think about it, we spend 8 hours a day on our mattress. You can imagine the negative impact of a truly inferior mattress and how it can make you feel!

Let me tell you about a case history: I have a patient who I’d gotten to know quite well. Working together we’ve made great progress and he is pain-free most of the time… but… a while ago he told me his back had started to bother him again. The culprit? By a process of elimination we discovered it was…
His Mattress!

He had purchased his mattress more than 15 years earlier. As he describes it, “He was poor as a church mouse at that time.” Translation: He bought an inexpensive bed. For many years Paul’s bed served him fine but at a certain point it developed a sway in the middle and when he sat on the edge he slid off. Time for a new bed!

The trick is to find a quality mattress and box spring that molds to the spine. Fortunately, there are more choices than ever and many companies manufacture bedding expressly designed for people with bad backs. Shop around and sample as many beds as you can. Check the phone book for local companies that manufacture custom bedding. It may be worth the investment. Or ask our opinion and we can direct you to an effective mattress!

Chiropractic care is safe & effective. A healthy spine allows you to be and do your best by protecting the vital nervous systems link between your brain and your body! If you’ve been experiencing pain for 48 hours or longer, I suggest calling us to schedule an appointment immediately so we can take a look at your changed condition.

Dr. Jerry Dreessen and Dr. Jason Gilmore

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