Headaches: What can I do for the pain?

People who come to our clinic that suffer from headaches currently have 3 optons: Drugs, Somehthing else, “Please shoot me”.

What I am really saying is, no one wants to take drugs their whole life, yet what else is there?

Typically in our realm of chiropractic, the upper neck bones (there are 7 vertebra in the neck) can misalign over a period of months or years from improper posture from daily things like reading, sleeping, computer work, etc. as well as quickly from an accident.

Chiropractors are headache experts. Just the slightest pressure on the brainstem will create massive brain pain.

No wonder people who see chiropractors for headaches have such great results- the pressure is removed from the brainstem by adjusting the upper neck vertebra. This is “Spinal Neurology” at it’s best!

So if you are suffering from Headaches and neck pain, you owe it to yourself to substitute a bottle full of kidney and liver killing medications to a series of neck adjustments to fix the cause of your problems, not just mask the symptoms.

Give a chiropractor a call today. In the Puget Sound area – Call us!

-Dr. Dreessen

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One Response to “Headaches: What can I do for the pain?”

  1. Chiropractor Denver Dr. Scott Brown Says:

    Great pain article and general website. Keep up the good work

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